About Blooming Orchid, LLC

We are the Orchids grower and exporter of fresh cut orchids from Thailand who has distribution branch in New York, USA. We have over 50 contact associated farms that fulfill our daily orders. We also own packing facility, fumigation chamber, pre-cool storage and temperature trucks.

We have supply the highest quality of Thai orchids to the people in every part of the world. We have been dealing with wholesalers and importers in USA, Europe, Middle East, Russia, China and India. There are two fresh Orchid shipments landed at JFK international airport in a week. The extraordinary about us is to keep inventory about 3000-5000 stems of Orchids in New York.

We would like to be a part of success supplier who willing to work hard to ensure that we can supply our products to you throughout the year. We have many varieties of orchid such as Dendrobium Aranda Mokara Oncidium Aranthera Vanda and etc. Apart from orchid flowers we also deal with leis, bouquet, corsage, green leaves and lucky bamboo.
As the professional of Orchid exporter with long experience we know how to treat and keep them in best condition until received to our value customers.